the 3-day reset

Whole and minimally processed foods are the best foods for our health. But why don’t we crave them?

There’s a good reason, and with The 3-Day Reset you’ll get ten food epiphanies that will reset the way you know, choose, and enjoy foods, putting you on the path to healthy eating and helping you stay there for good.

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My Top 10 Tips for Ditching Processed Sugar

Praise for the Book

Pooja delivers an empowering blueprint that demonstrates how healthy and delicious can go hand in hand.”

John Mackey

John Mackey

Co-Founder & Co-CEO Whole Foods Market

"The 3-Day Reset is rooted in solid information. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn how to get healthier."

New York Times bestselling author of Clean

"The 3-Day Reset gets to the heart of what it means to eat well."

New York Times bestselling author, James Beard Award-winning chef, and Nutritionist for The Biggest Loser

"This book is so in sync with the times! We all need 'clean fuel,' and with this book, Pooja supplies the easy answers."

Author of Sleekify and celebrity fitness trainer

"The 3-Day Reset will help you make a healthier connection to what you eat, and change your black-and-white food world into vibrant technicolor."

Author of The Longevity Kitchen

The Problem

Its in our biological make-up to crave whole, fresh foods, yet we don't - we'll take a greasy slice of pizza over a fresh quinoa salad any day. Moreover, many of us don't know the differences between whole foods and processed foods.

Test your knowledge - True or False

  • Dark Chocolate is healthy and not processed

    Dark Chocolate is healthy and not processed

    true false

    Most commercial dark chocolate is made with very little cacao and is highly processed

  • Most commercial yogurt is processed

    Most commercial yogurt is processed

    true false

    The healthiest yogurt is made with just two ingredients: milk and bacteria cultures

  • Eating processed foods can change the sensitivity of your taste buds

    Eating processed foods can change the sensitivity of your taste buds

    true false

    Consistently eating processed foods can make your taste buds less sensitive

  • “Natural Flavoring” is found in whole foods

    “Natural Flavoring” is found in whole foods

    true false

    natural flavoring is a processed ingredient and is never found in whole foods

  • Multigrain bread is a whole food

    Multigrain bread is a whole food

    true false

    The term "multigrain" does not guarantee any whole grains were used

  • Organic brown sugar is a whole food

    Organic brown sugar is a whole food

    true false

    Most brown sugar is refined white sugar coated with molasses

The Solution

Unlike other diet books that promise quick fixes or painful sacrifice, The 3-Day Reset offers a comprehensive reboot of the way we eat by redefining healthy food and resetting the way we know, taste, and enjoy 10 of the most common foods on the planet. You'll never look at food the same way again.


Get 10 Food Epiphanies that Empower

how it works - the magic - what happens over 3 days

Wake Up

Wake up to the food that surrounds You and get aware for the first time in your life.

Food Intelligence

Get food intelligence. Learn key food facts and educate yourself about common foods. Redefine “healthy food” using the concept of “WAMP”.


Experience new flavors, aromas, textures, and fall in love with nourising food that electrifies your tastebuds.

Simple, Quick

Roll up your sleeves and discover simple, quick meals like a culinary pro.


Why Three Days?

3 DAYS is just the right amount of time to effectively keep our attention.
When it comes to food, changing your routine requires serious focus.

3 DAYS is the average time it takes to digest and excrete food.
With this program, you'll see changes in the way you feel.

3 DAYS is the perfect amount of time to keep you
motivated towards an achievable goal.

book highlights

  • Learn how to make a decadent chocolate mousse without a gram of refined sugar
  • Find out how plain, full-fat yogurt helped cure the king of France of a nasty case of diarrhea
  • Make a salad even Jean George would envy in less than 20 minutes
  • Learn how to use hot, aromatic liquids to curb cravings and get happy
  • Learn how to make a healthy version of 7UP in the comfort of your own kitchen
  • Find out what take-out food and cupcakes have in common
  • Learn why "natural flavoring" isn't so natural

Get the blueprint to eating better for life

Inspiration, Recipes, Experiences & More


A sneak peak into what you'll be devouring

1 Soup
2 Fruit
3 Mint
4 Jalapeños
5 Noodles
6 Nuts!
7 Tacos
8 Shells
9 Stew
10 Raspberries

about the author

Pooja Mottl

Pooja Mottl is a professionally trained Natural Foods Chef. She is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, a world-renowned institution for pairing culinary training with health-promoting food. Pooja also holds a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. Pooja has appeared on Good Morning America, WGN TV, Martha Stewart Radio,, the Green Festival, HuffPost Live, and a variety of additional media outlets. Mottl gained a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan and an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics. She began her career as Wall Street investment banker and an economic analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York before falling head over heels in love with healthy food. She lives and works in California.

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